Tuesday 14 January 2014
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Going Greeeeeen!

About a month ago I wrote a blog about how magnificent Savute was looking now that the rain had arrived in Botswana.  Well, a month later I can happily say that the rain is still here and that Maun is looking fabulous. There is nothing more uplifting and visually beautiful as the rainy season in a desert type environment such as is experienced in Botswana. Apart from calming tempers, which flare at the slightest irritation in the suicide months of October and November, when the rain comes pounding down it completely transforms the landscape.

In a matter of days the whole place changes, grass appears were there was sand, trees suddenly shoot up, the brilliant green of the vegetation against the dark black of the storm clouds makes everything look luminous, a photographers paradise.


Come Camping!I know this is the quiet season for Mobile Safari operators when most companies repair equipment and get ready for the dry season but if you can deal with a bit of mud, religiously applying insect repellent and the odd soggy dinner it is a wonderful time to be here. There are loads of little beings around, baby Impala, baby Wildebeest, baby Giraffe, Lion cubs, baby Zebra etc as this is the time of plenty. The bird life is also amazing with all the summer visitors such as Paradise Fly Catchers, Woodlands Kingfishers, Cuckoos and Storks. So put your long johns back in the cupboard, grab your safari shorts and sandals and come and visit! We would be happy to have you!!!


Rain dance

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