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An African Tale chapter five continued

After Kilo’s departure things seemed to settle down in the village and there were no more incidents with geckos, chameleons, or monitor lizards. Although that was probably due to the fact that whenever they made an appearance in the village they were flattened by whosever path they dared to cross.

Lorato stayed on in the village and became a healer. He was a good healer and everyone had a lot of respect for him. He had two children, Matilda and Loeto. They were very ordinary and didn’t inherit any of their father or grandfather’s powers. Loeto stayed in the village, fishing and tending the fields. Matilda, however, was very ambitious and left to find her uncle Kilo in the big city at a young age. She was going to live in a big modern house and drive a car. Not for her the rural life of cooking over a hot fire and bathing in a bucket. She was going to find a rich husband who would buy her a smart electric stove, a huge bathtub, and a flush toilet. She had seen all these things in magazines that relatives brought when they came to visit from the city.

Kilo, in the meantime, had become quite powerful down south. Although people liked to think they were sophisticated down there and lived in smart houses, wore smart clothes, and drove fancy cars, they were still very superstitious. Kilo’s ability to control reptilian creatures both scared and fascinated them. There were also those whirlpool eyes. No one knew quite what to make of them. He was sought after as a dinner guest and got invited to all the influential homes and parties. Soon he wiggled his way into the chairmanship of one of the big companies controlling the mining activities in the country. Kilo married and had one son, Bosenyi, who grew up to be a spoilt wealthy brat.

Although Lorato and Kilo had been very young when their mother died and the voice had made its appearance, they both remembered the incident and the words of the voice vividly. It was like a sealed container in their separate memories. They could open the box and go inside whenever they wished but they could not take the contents out. So these things were never discussed, not even amongst themselves. They both knew there were to be two special grandchildren, and they were both keeping a careful eye out for them. Kilo’s motives were purely selfish. He was hoping that he could manipulate any powers his grandson might have and use them for his own ends. Lorato, knowing his brother’s ways, was hoping that he would have the strength to counterbalance things.

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