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An African Tale chapter five continued

Just when Naledi thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown, Kilo moved out. The house returned to normal and the feeling of evil disappeared. Bosenyi tidied up his act and things went along pleasantly. After a while she began to wonder if it hadn’t all been a bad dream. Then she fell pregnant. She was really happy. She had wanted a child and was going to make sure it grew up with her values and didn’t develop Bosenyi’s bad ways. Bosenyi on the other hand had become very attentive, bringing her gifts and making sure she rested enough and didn’t do too much work. Well, she thought, maybe this child would solve their problems and they could enjoy a happy married life together after all. Then in the last week of her pregnancy Kilo appeared again.

The old feeling of evil and dread came back. Why did he have to arrive now when this momentous event in her life was about to happen? This was definitely one person she did not want to share it with. One night after she had gone to bed she heard Kilo and Bosenyi talking in the lounge and crept downstairs to listen.

“The time is here.” It was Kilo talking.
“She will die and you will take care of the child. Do not mess it up. We need him on our side.”

Naledi froze. He was talking about her. What did he mean she would die! She had no intention of dying. She was perfectly healthy and so was the baby. Did they plan to kill her and take her baby? She must get out of there immediately and go to her father. He would protect her. She crept quietly back upstairs, hurriedly grabbing a bag and throwing in a few things. Some baby clothes she had carefully collected and a couple of dresses for herself. Then she left the bedroom and as quietly as she could, her heart pounding, she crept downstairs and out to the garage. As she passed the lounge she could still hear them talking. That was good, they hadn’t heard her—she could make her escape. Naledi opened the back door of the car to put her bag in. As she did so a shadow fell over her and she felt fear grip her once more. It was Bosenyi. He smiled a menacing smile at her, baring his teeth in an almost inhuman way.

“So you are ready to go to the hospital,” he said in an oily voice.

“I…I…” she stammered. “I thought I would go to my father’s house.”

“That will not be necessary,” he said, giving her a shove. He pushed her into the backseat of the car and locked the door. She looked up. Kilo was sitting there staring at her with those scary eyes. How could he be there? Only minutes before she had heard the two of them talking in the lounge. She opened her mouth to scream but again no sound came out.

The next thing Naledi knew she was lying on a table in a hospital ward with Kilo and Bosenyi on either side of her. She could feel that the baby was about to arrive and looked around frantically for a means of escape. A nurse came into the room and Bosenyi went over and talked quietly to her, glancing sympathetically over at Naledi. Frantically she tried to pull herself up, shout something at the nurse. Kilo held her down. The nurse came over with a gleaming needle in her hand poised, ready to strike.

“Relax, my dear. We will take care of you.”

“No!” she tried to shout, but no sound came out of her mouth.

She felt the needle enter her body, and that was the last she knew.

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