Saturday 21 November 2015
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An African Tale chapter eight continued

It was starting to get light in the village, the cocks were crowing, and someone was out getting a fire going for tea.

“I’d better get back to the hut before the others wake up,” said Lesedi.

“You had better think of an excuse to be away for a while,” said Kgatwe. “You’ll need to go to The Hills and get the Nut back before Bosula finds it.”

“How will I do that?” Lesedi was starting to feel panicky again. “I’ll never be able to get into his cave!”

“Obviously Lorato is going to help. He is already sorting the Cart out for the journey. The two of you will find a way,” said Kgatwe, jumping off Lesedi’s knee and scuttling behind the fig tree just as Loeto approached.

“You’re coming too!” Lesedi shouted after him.

“Lesedi! You’re up early. I thought you would be fast asleep after all that fuss last night. Who are you shouting at?”

“No…no one,” said Lesedi somewhat nervously.

“I heard you talking to someone.”

“I…I must have been talking to myself,” stammered Lesedi, not able to think of an excuse quickly enough.

“That’s not a good sign, you’re obviously spending far too much time in the bush on your own. It’s a good thing your aunt Matilda is coming today. Hopefully she will have organised for you to go back with her to school, and maybe that will knock some sense into you. Now get on and get yourself cleaned up and put some shoes on. You know what she thinks about barefoot children.” With that he walked over to the fire to get himself a cup of tea. Lesedi allowed himself a knowing little chuckle before he got up and went into the hut.

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